This is the list of deaths in the first season of 101 Ways to Die.

Death Death percentage Episode
Death by large rock 29% 1
Death by heavy artillery shell 95% 1
Death by falling from a giant tree 63% 1
Death by hypothermia 19% 1
Death in a house which is about to be demolished 70% 1
Death by automatic shotgun 90% 1
Death by fiery car crash 99% 2
Death by rockslide 49% 2
Death by rock on fire 46% 2
Death by exploding pianoes 56% 2
Death by wood chipper 99% 2
Death by giant piece of concrete 31% 2
Death by falling from a high building then landing in a somewhat deep hole 80% 3
Hit by a thousand bullets 41% 3
Burned by a flamethrower 98% 3
Hit by a gigantic rock 91% 3
Rolled over by a steamroller while in a tent 93% 3
Death by a million phones 3% 3

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