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, abbreviated as GWT, is a reality television game show, that aires October 9, 2012 the United States, France, and Australia. The show was created by Geneva Imogen and Stephen Rudiford. The show will take place in different cities around the world and with 24 contestants and the host Jackson Highlenborough. The contestants must compete and complete various challenges inorder to win immunity and not get eliminated. one will stand and win $1,000,000.


Season Eps. Originally
DVD release dates
Region 1 Region 4 Discs
Canada United States
Season 1 32 2012-2013 TBA TBA TBA TBA

Season 1Edit

See Also: GWT (season 1)

The first season will have 4 teams of 6 contestants. The first season will have 32 episodes that were filmed between April 21,2012 and July 1,2012 .


  • Team Saturn
    • Adam
    • Reese
    • Will
    • Zoey
    • Anna
    • Quinn
  • Team Rush
    • Alex
    • David
    • Christian
    • Laura
    • Kim
    • Sarah
  • Team Pacific
    • Ray
    • Taylor
    • Austin
    • June
    • Olivia
    • Katherine
  • Team Bolt
    • Erick
    • Samuel
    • Lucas
    • Stephanie
    • Amanda
    • Emily

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